Posted by: funk. | May 11, 2009

Iron and Wine at FINGERPRINTS!

So yesterday was a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Not only did I have a lovely brunch with Sam and his mother but I also got to see Sam Beam up close and personal.  He is another musician that I feel close to because he went to Florida State and taught at University of Miami which is where I almost went to college at for singing.  Turned out he was a film professor.  Awesomeeeee!

Anyway, he performed at Fingerprints yesterday and all you had to do to get a ticket was purchase his new CD…which is awesome because I would have done that anyway.  So myself and the lovely Brits headed to the record store.  The show was perfect.  Underneath all that hair he is quite a looker and any words I write to describe his voice would never even begin to do him justice.  And, he is funny and likes to use curse words here and there.  But girls–back off.  I think he is married…or at least he is wearing what looks to be a wedding band.

The CD that is coming out tomorrow is rad.  It is titled Around the Well and it is not your typical LP.  It is a two disc release.  One has recordings in the studio that have never been released that are mixed, etc. whereas the second CD is random recordings that have not been mastered.  Plus, you receive hard copies of songs that you have heard but weren’t able to get your hands on…including a Flaming Lips cover.

I have a video of a new song that will be on his next full-length…which I believe comes out in early fall.  I just need to upload it to YouTube first.  But here are a few pictures from the show and “Naked as we Came“…SO GOOD!

Sam Beam

Sam Beam

a little bit more..

a little bit more..

and here is the video.  Please forgive me.  I was standing behind a massively tall guy who couldnt seem to stand still.  But you will get the idea.


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