Posted by: funk. | May 11, 2009

A Few Fun Videos/Songs

Okay, so I am going to be honest.  I have no idea who Ebony Bones is.  But, from what I’ve just started to hear–she is fun.  She sounds punky-funky-poppy.  So give her a listen…and give me your thoughts if you want.  🙂

Ebony Bones- The Muzik

Ok–so I found this video through NME and I am totally stoked because I love Annie.  It has been so long that my heart has ached for a new album.  I mean, last I heard of her was when Anniemal came out and I swear that was a long fucking time ago!

So listen because it is good.  It is what, as my brother would say, Kylie Minogue has been trying to do for years.

Annie- Annie/Antonio

This last one was also from NME and is by The Answering Machines.  It is pretty fun indie rock from a band that I haven’t heard of before.

The Answering Machines-Obviously Cold

soon I will get you some new videos that I personally have gotten excited for.  Hopefully these will suffice for now.  😉

xo.  funk


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