Posted by: funk. | May 8, 2009


No.  I did not try to write Exchange and fuck it all up.  I was randomly looking around on Hype Machine ( and I randomly started looking up XXXChange’s stuff.  He is a guy that is mostly known for remixing songs of artists such as Spank Rock, Santigold, Amanda Blank, and Diplo.  I’ve been kinda sorta following him every so often because he is one of the guys at a Spank Rock show that is at the back of the stage with the headphones on, grooving while spinning the shit that goes behind Spank Rock while he raps.  And, well–he is good at it.  That whole Philly group really is a tight clique.

So anyway, I started listening to a remix he did of Santigold‘s “Les Artistes“, and I liked it.  But what really got me was the production work he did on the Amanda Blank song that I posted below.  Fuck, I love it.  Yum.  It’s called “I Might Like You Better“.  I ain’t no Amanda Blank stalker or anything but if I was a lesbian she might just be my #1 love.  She even has a hilarious blog…

Anyway, I ❤ the two of them.  Here are the songs.

Les Artistes by Santigold and remixed by XXXChange

Might Look Like You Better by Amanda Blank and produced by XXXChange



  1. Les Artistes by MIA? Certainly sounded like Santogold to me.

    • Hahah. You are DEFINITELY right. Let me fix that… 😉

  2. Love these tracks too. Who thinks Santigold and MIA sound alike? not cool.

    Thanks for the heads up to the Amanda Blank blog, I’ve been reading/writing about her and that never came up before.

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