Posted by: funk. | May 8, 2009

Coldplay Retaliates

Coldplay lookin' goooood!

Coldplay lookin' goooood!

Finally!  I am tired of all this drama of Coldplay stealing the song “Viva la Vida” from other musicians.  In fact, not only did they steal from one musician…this band is EXTRA talented and somehow made it possible to steal from multiple musicians.  Yeah, you heard me right.  No only was it alleged that they took the melody from Joe Satriani but now Cat Stevens has jumped on the band wagon–he stated that the melody came from his song “Foreigner Suite.”  Oh Cat Stevens, wasn’t going after The Flaming Lips enough for you?  Or do you want more money…  That is a whole new problem so lets just move past that.

Fuckin A.

This is getting to be cruel.  I said it before and I will say it again, I really don’t think that Coldplay would do something like this—and now, the band’s drummer has made a statement.

Will Champion addressed the situation in an interview with  Here is the jist of what he said:

It’s tough when people accuse you of stealing something when you know that you didn’t. We accept that it’s part of the territory and know it is only for some reason the successful songs that seem to be the ones that are accused of being stolen. So you go figure it out. There are elements of our music that I’ve heard in other people’s music, but a very difficult thing to define. There are only eight notes in an octave and no-one owns them. There are probably about 12,000 songs that feature the exact same chord progression. I think it [plagiarism] lies on an intent to steal, which we certainly have never done and never would. It’s unfortunate but it’s the way people are. That’s that. We’re confident we haven’t done anything wrong.

Tis true; there are only 8 notes in an octave.  Although I support Coldplay in this situation, Champion failed to note that in the Satriani‘s song not only did “Viva la Vida” have the same notes but it also had the same rhythmn.  And, although there are only eight notes, there are multiple octaves and when you play High C versus playing a Low C–the sounds are not the same…



  1. Yeah people should stop hating on Coldplay

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