Posted by: funk. | May 6, 2009

Matt Ward isnt too terribly talkative.


I wish I could say that I learned this first hand but it just isn’t the case.  Boo hoo.  The TripWire recently travelled to Toronto to interview Matt Ward and I guess he was a bit…un-longwinded…if that makes sense.  From what I know of him, that isn’t because he is rude but rather just his simplicity in speech.  He is open and answers directly I guess.  This little entry is just to help feed my current M. Ward obsession.  Here is what I learned and took from The Tripwire to share with you:

If Post War was the aftermath of a particular event, in what era or position did you envision Hold Time occupying?
I wanted it to be as era-less as possible – I wanted to create some healthy confusion where the listener isn’t sure when it was recorded or written.

When did your confidence as a song-writer come into fruition? Could you have released a song like “Never Had Nobody Like You” before then?
I think my confidence ebbs and flows like everyone else’s – its pretty impossible me for me to chart, measure or comment on.

I get the impression you don’t like doing interviews (which is completely fair), is this apart of the job you’d rather do without?
I don’t mind talking to people about music — it’s definitely part of my job…

Does politics affect your song writing?
Yes and no — it depends on where I am with the song.

Discuss an album of an artist that has most influenced you as an artist.
At the moment I’m listening to the Louvin Brothers — and I cant think of anything that hasn’t been said about them that needs to be said. It’s been a great discovery — I found them by first discovering the Beatles in high school and learning that their harmonies were borrowed from the Everly’s and later learned that the Everly’s borrowed from the Louvins.

—like I said, short answers that are kinda in the middle, eh?  Everythings is a little yes and a little no.  Hahaha.  Well, at least his albums help us understand what goes on that active brain of his.  Because his albums are fuckin brilliant!


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