Posted by: funk. | May 6, 2009

Justin Vernon’s Volcano Choir

Justin Vernon...aka Bon Iver

Justin Vernon...aka Bon Iver

That’s right.  Recently Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) spoek to Pitchfork after the Dark Was the Night concert that took place in New York City.  Although he didn’t say too much he did hint at a new solo album and also a new project that involves him performing with one of his favorite bands, Collections of Colonies of Bees.  Together the two will become Volcano Choir. A the end of the interview he begins to talk about the whole obsession with the cabin where he recorded For Emma but then closes things up with a wonderful statement about Bon Iver.  Vernon says, “I think the next chapter isn’t about proving anything. From the beginning, the concept of Bon Iver has been about our place in the world and our sentimentality, if you will. Hopefully, I’ll have many decades of a career to explore that.”

Here are some bits and pieces from the interview that I pulled from Pitchfork.

He explains in the interview that:

It’s this really liberating thing– like I’m in a new band. We started collaborating three years ago and just this year we started to realize we had nine or 10 tracks almost done. So we got together up at my studio and finished it. I sing on it, but there aren’t a lot of lyrics. It’s mostly choir stuff.  It’s definitely more on the experimental side of things. I don’t know if we’ll play shows because it’s all really textural and landscape-y, but I think it’s coming out in September.

As for new Bon Iver material he said:

I got home from Australia [in January] and it took me like two months to even get my songwriting chops up because I didn’t write any songs while on the road. But I’m working on stuff. Right now everything sounds like a Bruce Hornsby song, which is fun. [laughs] But I’m not telling myself when I want to be done. I’m waiting for it to reveal itself, rather than go after it and be nervous about the next record or whatever. And all that stuff is behind me– I’m not worried about it at all.

Anyway, get ready for some good stuff to come. Well, in all honesty..don’t hold your breath.  In the interview he explained that there is no rush in creating his next album.  He wants the music to flow through him and into him and let it all happen naturally.  I will just cross my fingers that it all come to him in like…2 weeks.  😉


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