Posted by: funk. | April 30, 2009

So I Found This Video

of Matt & Kim where they basically start running around Times Square while stripping.  For some reason it reminded me of that bad Alanis Morrissette video from the late 90’s or early ’00’s–you know what I am talking about.  However, this video is very different from Morrissette’s because a) they really are naked and b) the cops kinda beat ’em up.  From what I got from them in an interview with Pitchfork, the video was planned, however, Matt was way more into it than Kim.  I guess Matt thought that running around naked, in the freezing cold, in the middle of NYC was the best way to express the, “I don’t give a fuck!” state of mind.  I think that he might have hit the nail on the head.  I guess what got the two out of being arrested was basically a permit that says that they are allowed to be “two tourists dressed inappropriately.”  Hahaha.  They aren’t even dressed!  And hell, nudity ain’t inappropriate; we were born that way.  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  Unfortunately, two cops got the memo late and started waling on Matt and Kim.  However, when the two of them finally saw the permit—the cops felt like shit; worrying that they ruined the video.  Well, they just added some spice I suppose.  I was really hoping they would block out the actual nudity… Booo.

Matt & Kim’sLesson Learned” from Grand.


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