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Woolard and Wallace

Woolard and Wallace

I know it is a bit late to talk about it but the movie Notorious, which is based on the life of Chris “Biggie Smalls/The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace was awesome.  It was also filled with other no name actors that played the parts of Lil Kim, Tupac, Sean “Puffy” Combs, and Faith Evans.  And the actors filled the shoes of the rappers/musicians phenomenally…including Jamal Woolard who played Biggie.  There were moments where you honestly forgot that you were watching a move rather than a documentary.  Woolard fully represented Biggie-from the clothes, shoes and bling to the voice, swagger, and even rapping.  The movie brought home the need for music to unify the world rather than divide it.  The United States shouldn’t be East Coast-West Coast, or Brooklyn versus Long Beach/Compton but rather an appreciation of all artists and what they bring to the table and make unique.  It is a shame that two extremely wonderful rappers had to pass in order to stop (or at least get close to stopping) violence in the music industry.  Biggie Smalls is irreplaceable.  He died before his time and didn’t even get to see the release of his second album.  24 years of age is such a short life.  RIP.

On a light note, he was a fucking PIMP!  It finally helped me understand what was going on with Lil Kim and Faith Evans.  The movie is a MUST see.




a little news thing about the feud between TuPac and Biggie.  It is interesting…


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