Posted by: funk. | April 16, 2009

Crystal Castles is being a bit dramatic




As a fellow show-attendee, I understand the disappointment that occurs when one goes to a show only to wait and have it cancelled.  I too have had this same feeling–a feeling of emptiness.  I mean, you go out at night knowing what your in for only to be left disappointed.  No music to satiate your hunger.  Lady Sovereign will never be seen again in my eyes because I went to a show last year that was running incredibly late and then was cancelled after 2 songs due to Sovereign moaning and groaning on stage about her voice.  It was…pathetic and made me realize that she really is just a teenager. She should’ve just cancelled the show from the beginning.  I can’t even begin to express my utter annoyance with the situation.

I mention all of this because because this feeling is shared by many people in Dallas, Texas.  Apparently last night Crystal Castles caused some shit.  The short story is that originally Crystal Castles was to perform for a sold out crowd in Dallas at the Granada Theater with the band Vega opening the show.

The lengthy version is like this…  The two bands right now are at each others necks because prior to the show starting Crystal Castles kicked Vega off the bill only to cancel the entire show 2 hours after it was scheduled to start.  And now the two are talking a lot of shit about each other and the fans that waited are pissed.  Vega blames Crystal Castles for cancelling the show over “petty bullshit” whereas Crystal Castles is accusing the band of stealing an FX Pedal which Vega denies.

Vega continued by saying that the headliners are prima donnas due to them bitching about the sound quality of the venue.  I guess Crystal Castles wanted to cancel the show because there wasn’t enough kick drum.  According to the CC camp, they feared that they would blow the sound system if they used it the way that they wanted to.  Which is retarded–numerous bands have played the venue including Animal Collective–and well, they made it work.

So I dont know who you want to believe.  For some reason I see eye to eye with Vega even though I love me some Crystal Castles.  It is never acceptable to leave your fans waiting for 2 hours only to cancel the show.  Just aint cool by my standards.

At least they are getting their money back—Sovereign and the Wiltern didnt give me mine back.


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