Posted by: funk. | April 14, 2009

Diddy and I See Eye to Eye

Never thought I would say that one.  😉  But it turns out we are both infatuated with the Arctic Monkeys!

I wrote a strong portion of this blog and then AFTER writing most of it, I watched the YouTube video.  How ass backwards right?  But I had my kinda sorta sources and I thought I got the idea.  I was excited because in my view, I thought I was going to watch a large portion of a new track by the Arctic Monkeys and a small piece of Matt Helders and Puff Daddy hanging out.

Hell no.  I should’ve known better.  You know how P Diddy loves to be on camera.  He showed his house, his kitchen, the food, his Grammy’s, his apples… blah blah blah and then the LAST 20 seconds are of the band harmonizing on a track.

With that being said, the video is pretty stinking hilarious!

Here you go!


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