Posted by: funk. | April 3, 2009

I’m Giddy

Iron & Wine is going to release a double disc CD of unreleased music June 1st.  The cd, titled Around the Well, will have on CD that features music that is sam_beamrecorded at Sam Beam’s hous and are unedited, whereas the other CD will feature music that was studio recorded.  Music ranges from 2002, when the band debuted, to 2007.

AND, currently Sam Beam is working on the follow-up to 2007’s The Shephards Dog!

I am so excited.  Iron & Wine is so soothing.  I once had the worst day ever and it was Sam Beam‘s voice that coaxed me through the pain.  Good music does that…you know, heals the pain that no one can understand—speaks to you in ways that seem impossible.  I have never seen Iron & Wine live but my chance is coming up soon.  It is rare that I go to a show that features soothing music–that sounds weird, I know.  I guess I tend to see shows that make me shimmy and shake my bootie.  Haha.  But I think that seeing Sam Beam might be just the treat I need right now.


an oldie but definitely a goodie!


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