Posted by: funk. | March 30, 2009

Oh Courtney why am I even wasting my time typing this?

Courtney Love has gotten into some shit…again.  Are you surprised?  No?  Nor am I.  The girl was a mess, cleaned up (at least superficially), and then got all nasty sloppy—again!  This time it is due to—-wait for it—-Twitter!  Hahaha.  Some designer  I’ve never heard of named Dawn Simorangkir is pretty peeved and sued the former Hole member for libel, breach of contract and other bad-faith maneuvers.  The designer stated that she is the “latest victim of Love’s volatile personality, hair trigger temper, and malicious and tortuous behavior,” according to the complaint.

I guess it is bad to go on twitter and your MySpace blog in order to bash someone.  Apparently Love used the two sites to say that Simorangkir is a drug dealer, racist, and a homophobe.  Furthermore, she allegedly threatened the designers life stating that she would “hunt til (she was) dead.”  Oddly enough Courtney raved about the designer a year ago.

Surprise, surprise–Courtney Love is F-ed up.  The end.



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