Posted by: funk. | March 25, 2009

A Few CDs to Check Out

The cover of Fever Ray's self-titled album.

The cover of Fever Ray's self-titled album.

Fever Ray by Fever Ray

A couple weeks ago I got this new CD at KBeach by aFever Ray and to be honest, I looked at it and put it to the side because I didnt know who the artist was nor did I seem entranced by its cover in a way that made me want to play it.  Finally, a few days ago I did—and I read the info on the cover which helped me figure out that I totally fucked up by not listening to it right away.

Fever Ray is comprised of 1/2 of The Knife.  In 2006 The Knife had a breakthrough album called Silent Shout that has true originality.  I was lucky enough to see The Knife (which is comprised of siblings Karen Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer) when I went to CMJ a few years back.  I was dumb and had never heard of ’em and went only because my friend Doug called me and told me it was a must-see show.  And it was.  It was hypnotizing when joined with the staging which was comprised of black lights, neon outfits, a front stage curtain that was a web of changing colors, and a backdrop of various scenes to match the music. Can you tell that The Knife is an electronic group?  I’m telling you, electronic is where it is at when you want to see a stage setup that blows your mind.

Yeah think about it.

So this new CD is just Karen and her unique, almost haunting voice.  She seems a little naked without her brother but I like it.  I find interest in just her voice and not so much sound behind her.  It is like being let into a secret finally.  Anyway, if you are into the whole synthy, electro shit–check it out.


Dark Was the Night by Various Artist

Thank you Mike–my awesome older brother for introducing this compilation to me.  I tend to not get entirely invested in albums made for charities but this one is awesome.  I mean, shit, how could an album that features Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Neko Case, the National (and SO MANY more) be bad?!  This album was produced by Red Hot and the National’s Aaron and Bryce Dessner in order to fight HIV/AIDS through music/pop culture.

This 2-disc purchase has one CD devoted to more folk-y type songs whereas the other is a bit more bumpin’ and indie rocking–think Arcade Fire style.

Im not going to sit here and analyze the shit out of this CD a la Pitchfork but instead just say–buy it.  Get all gooey inside by knowing that you are putting money towards a good cause.  And once you listen to the CD you will be even happier because these songs are gems that took time to put together.  This wasn’t a few months in the making…but rather years.  This was artists taking time from their already hectic tours in order to create songs to benefit others rather than their pockets.



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