Posted by: funk. | March 20, 2009

Rye Rye?

Short clip of Rye Rye performing “Shake It to the Ground” @ La Zona Rosa: SXSW 2009

You might be semi-confused by why I put a short clip of Rye Rye on the blog.  Honestly, I asked myself the same question.  But truth be told, there is a lot of buzz about Rye Rye.  She is the first artist to sign on M.I.A.’s Interscope affiliated record label N.E.E.T. and also has confirmed that on her soon-to-be-released debut album M.I.A. will be collaborating.  And let’s be honest, lately everything M.I.A. touches turns to gold.  Fucking Paper Airplanes blew up so much that I automatically gagged from hearing it so much.  No, not really.

Truth be told, her live set clearly needs some work but who am I to judge; maybe she just needs more time to adjust to doing shit live.  Anyway, she is from that Baltimore crowd so you know that there is a high chance that Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, and Diplo are backing her. If anything, she’ll at least be making some bootie shaking music—not that I EVER do that.  (Two left feet..legs..and arms my friends= no dancing)  I don’t know if her style music should be necessarily equated to what M.I.A.’s style is though…

Well— I guess that’s that.

Rye Rye being all stylish.

Rye Rye being all stylish.


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