Posted by: funk. | March 20, 2009

I Rock Like Kelly Bundy

Blank at SXSW in 2008

Blank at SXSW in 2008

…I keep that shit nasty.  Wait—what?  Oh, that is one of my favorite lines from the song “Bump” which features Amanda Blank on Spank Rock’s cd Yoyoyoyoyo.  I will never think of Kelly Bundy the same.  Anywho, is Amanda (the gold hoop rockin’, stiletto wearin’, cat claw nail wearing) Blank ever going to stop being featured on other artist’s CD’s and instead put out her own?  Lord knows that when she enters the stage everyone starts going wild–just think of all the Spank Rock shows.

Well the answer is yes.  Pitchfork interviewed Diplo 2 years ago and he said that he’d, “really like to help her develop her style, she’s not making so much music because I think she’s afraid to fail.”Well, she has finally mustered up the courage and is releasing a CD on Downtown Records that is set to hit stores July 14th.  The Cd, titled I Love You, features hit makers such as: Spank Rock, Lykke Li, The Cool Kids, Xxxchange, Santigold, and yes—Diplo.  Basically all the artists that know how to make your ass shake.

I can honestly say that I am excited!!!

The Diplo remix of Santigold’s I’m a Lady which features Amanda Blank.

Below:  you thought i was kidding about the claws for nails and big ass hoops, eh?!  i tell the TRUTH!  see?

I wasn't lying about the nails and gold hoops.

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