Posted by: funk. | March 17, 2009

Mosssss Def

mosIt has been a while since Mos Def has been a part of the music scene.  Let me first say that I have a certain affection towards Mos.  Not only because he is a great rapper but also because we once ran into each other.  Literally.  A couple years back I went to a Spank Rock show before he was getting big and coincidentally Mos Def & Dave Chapelle were there.  The back room was a smoking area and Mos walked into the cherry of my cigarette while on his way to the Pac Man video game.  I fuckin’ lit Mos Def with my cigarette!  Anyway, due to the mishap we were able to exchange a couple words…blah blah blah.  PS!–Dave Chapelle was a chain smoker that fell asleep in any chair every .5 seconds.  HILARIOUSNESS if I do say so myself.

Back to the news.  In the past couple years Mos has been mostly focusing on his acting and poetry.  The most recent movie I can think of is Be Kind Rewind–and although it also has Jack Black, the movie is pretty mediochre.  He has done wayyyy better acting.

But have no fear–Mos Def the rapper is here!  The picture above is from his new cd set to be released June 9th on Downtown Records.  The CD is titled The Ecstatic and from what I have heard thus far, the CD is bumpin’.  Thank God because good hip hop has been hard to come by in the past few months in my opinion.  “Quiet Dog,” which is currently playing on his Myspace page ( is a quick tempo song asking for you to shake your hips.

Woohoooo.  I love me some Mos Def!


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