Posted by: funk. | March 12, 2009

Oh Joaquin…

Joaquin is such a great actor..that is why i am still trying to come to terms with his need to become a musician.  I mean, few people are able to successfully bridge the gap between singing/rapping and acting.  One person that I call whole-heartedly back up as a singer & artist is Zoe Deschanel.  But I knew she had a great voice since she sang a little diddy in the movie Elf.

However, I don’t think that Joaquin Phoeniz made a great decision to move from acting to rapping.  In fact, people continuously go back and forth wondering if he is doing this as a long-term joke.

Recently he performed at the Fountainbleau in Miami and got in a fight.  Why? ask?  Well, I guess the kid doesn’t like being made fun of.

Here is the footage if you care.  I raeally didn’t so I didn’t watch for too long.  I think it is unprofessional to get mad over stupid shit and stop a show to beat someone’s ass.  There is always going to be someone like that in an audience.

Here you go.


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