Posted by: funk. | March 12, 2009

Moving Backwards

Sometimes it is nice to go through an artist’s CD’s backwards.  I have always had a huge respect for my brother’s taste in music and his musical abilities.  I’ve also always loved his band Rodriguez–which he played in when he was in college.

So when I realized that Matt Ward, the guitar player in Rodriguez is M. Ward I got truly excited.  He has always been very popular but since She & Him came out with their first album the attention on him has grew incredibly.

I got Hold Time to chart for the radio station and I loved it.  I read all the positives and negatives about it and I still fell for it.  So now I am moving the opposite direction through his music.

It is fun!!


I’ve decided to stimulate the economy by purchasing one cd per week from my local record shop, Fingerprints.  This week I got more than one:  M. Ward, the most recent Sigur Ros, and a realllllly old Sigur Ros cd from this movie they did the music for.


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