Posted by: funk. | March 12, 2009

Jack White in a NEW BAND!!

The Dead Weather (taken from Paste Magazine)

The Dead Weather (taken from Paste Magazine)

In the last 30 minutes I’ve heard about Jack White being in a new band at least 8 times..which to me is A LOT.  Jack White is everywhere; the majority relates him to The White Stripes–which is a band I give mucho props to.  Either them or The Raconteurs which have put out 2 very successful CD’s.

One reason I am blown away by Jack White is because he continuously tries out new things in music.  He isn’t in some boring, typical indie rock band.  He has clearly shown that he is here to stay.

Anyway, from what I can see thus far this new band he is going to be in is going to be killer.  That is right, I said it…write it down on paper if you want—KILLER.  Here are the band members:  Jack White on drums, The Kills’ singer Alison Mosshart, The Raconteurs’ bassist Jack Lawrence, and Queen of the Stone Age’s guitarist Dean Fertita.  Not bad you say?  I know.

Anyway–together, the band name is The Dead Weather and their first album will be out in June.

Here is their first single “Hang You From the Heavens”


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