Posted by: funk. | March 8, 2009

Wanna Hear Something Fucked Up??

ciarasauro1RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) won a lawsuit against a 19 year old girl for $8000.  First, let me tell you that it is for sharing 10 songs with a few people over the internet.  Second, let me tell you that she is/was in the hospital for pancreatitis and depression.  And, on top of that, she has a single mom that makes just above minimum wage…plus medical bills up the butt (and let me tell you, that shit can get expensive.  Lord knows I understand that pain).  Poor Ciara Sauro…luck just isn’t on her side.  If she was depressed prior to the lawsuit, she probably isn’t doing any better now.

I guess the court found her guilty because she wasn’t able to show p.  Surprise, surprise!  She is in the HOSPITAL!

So can you guess how I feel about the situation?  Did I make her look like a sick, young, innocent girl being taken advantage of?  Probably.

Here is the truth though.  With all the torrents and blog downloads that reach thousands of people every 12 seconds, how the hell did the RIAA decide to make a case against a hospitalized, poor teenager?  Aren’t you supposed to fight the people that are making a living illegally sharing music?  Was this the way to prove a point.  I understand the problem with Napster but I really don’t think this case was worth going to court.  I am not condoning stealing music.  I support the right’s of musicians and those in the music industry but honestly it sounds like she might have just been getting some music to a friend.  Ten songs is like—one CD.  What makes it rough is that the girl and her mother are standing strong to a statement that the email address that did this sharing wasn’t actually hers but rather her fathers.  If that is true this situation is bananas

Luckily, some pro bono lawyer is reopening the case (I believe) in order to get the kid off the hook.

Moral of the story:  You might get f***ed if you decide to share a song or two over the internet.  Better start watchin’ your back!


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