Posted by: funk. | March 8, 2009

Kanye West on American Idol?

Tis true.  It seems that Kanye West will be appearing on American Idol in the near future in order to perform the hit single Heartless. I can’t help but get a little giggle inside because when I think of a great SINGER—(pause, pause, pause)— West does not come to mind.  But hey, maybe he can teach the top 13 American Idol contestants the wonders of AutoTune a la Chris Brown,  T Pain, etc. Show them that in the pop music industry, most of the time actually being able to sing in tune is not necessarily important

However, I will give a hand to Kanye West.  He has significant talent in the music industry–great producer and hit maker.  And although I hate to admit it (because I have always been a fan of them) he almost single-handedly main-streamed Daft Punk and brought the band (whom some thought was already dead–heavens NO!) back to life.

Move over Paula–Kanye is comin’ to your show!



  1. I will never admit that freak show kanye made Daft Punk famous. Thats just too crazy an idea to even consider

    • Bwahahaha. Agreed!

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