Posted by: funk. | March 8, 2009

In Case You Didnt Know..

after the attack

after the attack

Chris Brown is in some deep shit.  I don’ think you need me to write much about it because it is mentioned…everywhere.  Anyway, I read the entire LAPD report (God know why I did?!?!) and it was gruesome.  I would just like to say—my heart goes out to Rihanna & Chris. WAIT–!  No, that is what all the celebrities have said.

Now I feel bad.  Honestly, I DO hope she is okay.  If everything I read is true, unfortunately, the asswipe needs to go to jail.  Physical abuse just ain’t cool.

Nuff said.

(Picture at right was taken from TMZ and is allegedly a picture of Rihanna after Chris Brown (also allegedly) attacked her.)



  1. I agree. Maybe some time around some real criminals will set Chris straight. He did a number on Rihanna, and I don’t believe he’s sorry. How many times do you hear of a man hitting his woman just once?

    I hope Chris gets the anger management treatment he needs, and Rihanna needs to understand that there are better men in the world who have a tighter handle on their emotions.

    By getting back with Chris, Rihanna is settling for what she thinks she deserves, and that is never okay. People do some funny shit when they’re in love, but what can you do but offer opinions and words of encouragement?

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