Posted by: funk. | February 27, 2009

jem_1 I’ve always had a certain connection to Jem.  I don’t know if you have ever listened to her cd Finally Woken but with all my heart I feel like it is a gem (I totally didn’t do that on purpose–get it?  Jem & gem?).  Her voice soothes the soul and speaks to my heart.  It one of those cd’s that is great for heartache.  Years ago I went through a breakup and I layed in the grass looking up at the sky while the rain drops fell upon my face.  Jem’s music calmed my heart as my tears mixed with the rain drops.

So, naturally I was very anxious to listen to her new cd Down to Earth.  To be honest, it takes a few run throughs for me to get into a cd so maybe the cd is better than I think and I just need to give it another go.  But for some reason it just doesn’t hit me the same way her first cd did.  I think she went the more mainstream route and I truly feel like the melody and the back up music don’t give her voice justice.

With that being said, her voice is still beautiful.  The cd is still a good listen.  I guess that is what happens when you put an artist on a pedestal–they tend to fall off.

Anyway–it is still worth checking out.  You might want to listen to her cover of Yellow by Coldplay.  It was on some Starbucks Sweetheart CD.  Anyway, it is lovely.




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