Posted by: funk. | February 24, 2009

Jane’s Addiction had a secret show??

..and I missed it.  Frickin Echo Plex.  The one place I haven’t been to.  Fight it as much as you want—Janes Addiction was a frickin rad band.  And they STILL kick some ass.  I don’t know if they are friends though.  Watched the videos and there wasn’t much chemistry.

I actually saw Dave Navarro play a show a couple years back and he still shreds like no other.  He might be a midget but he sure is a talented one.

FYI– Janes is reuniting to tour with NIN.  Look it up if ya want.  NIN aint my cup of tea sicne they made a video with a dying pig in it.  Gross.

Just in case you’re interested– “Stop” from last night’s show is available above.



  1. NIN did not make a video with a dying pig…that would imply that they were slaughtering a pig on set. That is not the case. And the dudes of janes Addiction aren’t as young as the once were. They’re only humans, of course their not going to be as wild as they were in their earlier years. Musically, they’ve still got it.

  2. Sorry. Not a dying pig… a pig head on a stick. Already slaughtered animals. 😀 As a middle schooler I was traumatized.

    I think you misread my words. I respect both bands and wish I got to see Jane’s Addiction when they were here!!

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