Posted by: funk. | February 20, 2009

the INXS guy

Alright, so I guess back in 2005 INXS did a t.v. show in order to find a replacement for Michael Hutchence–who passed away when he choked himself while masturbating.  Woa.  Anyway, after 23 months as the replacement, the new singer JD Fortune got the boot.  In Hong Kong he got a thank you and a goodbye.

The crazy thing is that one would think that after almost two years of being in, what some would say a legenedary band, wouldn’t you think he had made SOME money?  Turns out this isn’t quite the case.  Why you ask?  Well, it turns out that the gy is now living in his car in order to fund a solo performance cd he is making.


now i wonder… was he THAT bad of a replacement?


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