Posted by: funk. | February 20, 2009 Santi.. wait.. oh it is SANTIGOLD now.

Why do artists have to change their names over and over?  Did Prince start a trend by changing to a symbol and then going back to Prince?  Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Sean, Diddy… MF Doom is now just DOOM (yes, all caps please!!).

And another one that has added to the band wagon is Santigold.  Does that feel funny rolling off the tongue?  Well there is a good reason, she USED to be SantOgold.  Here is some funny shit, I guess there is a jeweler in New York that is called Santogold and he claims he is the ORIGINAL Santogold.  I guess that 2 Santogold’s is too much for one city..state..and country.  Thank god she doesn’t have the name Stephanie like me.  She’d be fucked.

Anyway, so the solution was to go by Santigold which isn’t a bad idea since her friends refer to her as Santi.  Therefore, all cd’s previously released are being distrbuted now with her new name and any future marketing is going with the “i” isntead of the “o”.

with all that being said, i LOVE Santogold…fuck, Santogold.  her live show was RAD.


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