Posted by: funk. | February 19, 2009

touch & go

word on the street is that Touch & Go (one of the best indie record labels in my opinion) is ceasing to release new records and is also stopping distribution.  is this all because of the economy?  one of my friends told me not to fear because this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the END of the record label but maybe more of a pause.

touch & go put out cd’s by artists such as !!!, calexico, pinback, enon, the butthole surfers, and many more must have artists.  so it is hard to think that it is going to be the end.  is this a sign for the rest of the music industry?  i thought that this industry was untouchable but it turns out i was wrong.

i wish that everyone knew the importance of not stealing music.  don’t get me wrong, i have done some of this taking myself but due to torrents people don’t feel the need to purchase music.  i guess the idea is that, if you really love an artist, you should really take the time to support their art AND the local music store–no not Best Buy, but rather, for me, Fingerprints.

Touch & Go, must you really go?



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